a series of floral focused workshops - Summer Workshop August 15, 2017

a series of floral focused workshops brought to you by Myrtie Blue and Shelby Peaden Events

Shelby Peaden - Stylist and Brian Watson - Floral Designer will share their knowledge of styling and flowers during a day long presentation and hands on workshop. Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of what it takes to create a beautiful and cohesive table top design along with floral design to complete the look of a finely and thoughtfully styled event tablescape.

The day will begin with a warm welcome from your hosts Shelby and Brian. Shortly thereafter, attendees will be treated to a styling session as demonstrated by Shelby. Guest will then have the opportunity to style a dinner table themselves; working with beautiful linens, dinnerware, stationary and other gorgeous details. 


Once the table is set we will  break for a lovely lunch as prepared by one of favorite caterers. Following Lunch, Brian will demonstrate creating a floral centerpiece for the table we have styled and set. He will review basic tools, mechanics, flower selection and his prcocess. Stylistic choices will be explored based on the aesthetic of the tablescape; infusing the floral design with his own unique flair and understanding of foliage and flowers.


Attendees will then take to their worktables and create their own arrangements. Everyone will have access to the same magnificent array flowers and foliage as with Brian's presentation. He will coach and answer any questions anyone might have during this process of fun with flowers and foliage. 

Once arrangements are finished; our guest photographer, Lauren Kinsey, will photograph each student's work within the context of the styled table-scape.  We'll enjoy a beverage or two and answer any further questions about the day or otherwise! 

Afterwards, Lauren will email photos of each attendees work for use in their portfolio. Of course each arrangement belongs to each student and should be taken home to enjoy!